Year 11 GCSE Case Study Notes

Use thse notes to help you with your revision.  Make sure that you are using your own classs notes as well. Thank you to Mrs Cowan for typing up these notes.

Providing for population change

Ageing Population in an MEDC – UK

Youthful population in LEDC – The Gambia

Thermal energy in an MEDC – Nuclear energy in France

case study Biogas in India (updated – it should work now)

Planning for change

Rapidly growing city in an LEDC – Mexico City

Waste and traffic management in an LEDC – Curitiba 

Changes in employment structure – Cambridge

TNC – Coca Cola

Fairtrade Campaign – Kuapa Kokoo 

Use and Abuse of the Environment

River management scheme – River Nile

Pollution of a lake – Aral Sea 

Recreation and Tourism

Tourism in an EU National Park – Lake District 

Ecotourism in an LEDC – Sarawak, Malaysia


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